Coming soon in 2014

We are dreamers. We are also doers.

Bringing our wealth of creative vision together along with the individual sense of play of your children.

"Is there a greater time than childhood for discovery and adventure?"

What is the Kalido Photo Storybook Experience?

Over several shoots on location near you, the Storybook Experience will culminate to create the most unique memento of your children's playful viewpoint of the world - A beautiful Picture Storybook with them in a starring role within it.

Please see below for a demonstration image of the book.

How does the Storybook work?

We will provide you with a questionnaire to fill in and return with questions about your children's favourite things and places.  Following this, we will construct a narrative which will include elements of the information provided by the questionnaire.  Providing you are happy to proceed with the agreed-upon story, we will then proceed to shoot the page scenes on location with you and your children!  Once shooting is wrapped, we will create your families unique Storybook.

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